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Almond Solutions launches Channelverse – A channel engagement and experience platform

New Delhi [India], October 12 (ANI/NewsVoir): Almond Solutions, a channel engagement, and experiences company, today announced the launch of a channel engagement platform – ChannelVerse™. The platform empowers enterprises to increase revenues by effectively engaging channel partners and sales teams through utility experiences and engagements. Companies can use the platform to launch highly customized virtual events and exhibitions, loyalty and reward programs, product education initiatives, and digital sampling activities.

The mobile-first web platform integrates gamification, messaging tools like WhatsApp, advanced data and AI algorithms, and third-party APIs to help companies go beyond conventional tactics to excite, educate, engage, and reward the entire channel in new and exciting ways. Additionally, the platform enables channel partners to place order requests and companies to monitor fulfillment. Currently, more than one million channel partners are active on the platform.

Commenting on the launch, Abhinav Jain and Apurv Modi, Co-founders of Almond Solutions jointly said, “Channel is the backbone of every distribution-led organization. Sustaining a meaningful conversation, providing new tools and services, and always-on engagement is of strategic importance for revenue growth. This is where ChannelVerse helps any company to leverage the power of technology, data, and creativity to launch programs in a short span, and measure efficacy from the word go. Customer needs are changing rapidly, and organizations need to be more agile, creative, and data-driven. Our vision behind ChannelVerse is to replace the conventional channel engagement models with a solution that provides high ROI and business insights, ensures consistency, and closes all inefficient gaps caused by elaborate human intervention. ChannelVerse makes it easier for organizations to have sustained communication and a valued relationship with even a small-scale shopkeeper in a remote part of the country.”

ChannelVerse was launched as an unbranded beta platform in 2021 and is now being deployed by India’s leading FMCG and CPG brands. Organizations are using it for a variety of use-cases such as channel loyalty and rewards management, organizing hybrid events, training their category influencers, launching region specific sales promotions simultaneously, conducting retail audits, and educating shopkeepers on shelf-management. The platform can be used as a standalone application or integrated in existing systems.

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Almond is an engine that helps companies efficiently accelerate distribution-led revenue growth. Since 2020, Almond Solutions is helping companies empower and scale their channel engagement. Almond’s product platform delivers hybrid and virtual events with a highly differentiated experience, product education initiatives, and innovative loyalty and rewards programs. Almond Solutions is headquartered in Gurugram with global operations in US, Africa and Europe.


US-Based Hexa Global Ventures Bets On Engagement-Tech Platform Almond Solutions

Almond Solutions, an engagement-technology platform, has raised an undisclosed amount in its Seed funding round from US-based early-stage investor Hexa Global Ventures, the company said in a statement.

Almond Solutions plans to use the funds for product innovation and business expansion in new verticals and markets. The company also plans to scale-up operations of its software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) product and hire more. Almond Solutions aims to reach $100 million revenue within the next two years, the statement said.

Almond Solutions, founded in 2018 by Abhinav Jain and Apurv Modi, builds customer-engagement solutions and platforms. It is a part of the ATechnos Group, an organisation which has a presence in gaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and content distribution. Almond’s engagement tech platform provides video, virtual, and digital engagement modules, last-mile digital solutions, and mar-tech products and services.

Abhinav Jain is a Harvard University alumni. Both he and Apurv Modi completed their MBA from IIM Bangalore. Jain co-founded ATechnos in 2012, and Modi is the Managing Director of the firm.

The company has been expanding operations and aggressively adding new platforms. Almond Solutions had launched a hyper-local marketing platform, named Vingage, for brands to engage with offline influencers earlier this year. It also launched Vouch, a digital-sampling platform and VGift, a loyalty and customer rewards solution platform.

In 2020, the company launched another platform named Virtex, a customisable virtual and hybrid events and experiences platform, which won five Guinness World Records, the company said. The pandemic has accelerated the usage of digi-tech mediums, and Almond Solutions enables companies to educate, engage and enable their customers to gauge the return on investments.

“We always believed we had a great SaaS or PaaS platform, but being a profitable company when it came to investment, we wanted a partner who’d not just bring the growth expertise, but also an ability to understand our ethos. With HEXA, we have begun our venture strategy for the American and European markets,” said Jain, co-founder and CEO (chief executive officer), Almond Solutions.

Hexa Global Ventures currently has a portfolio of 25 international SaaS startups and platforms. The company, based in Texas, also provides advisory, technology, operations, sales, marketing, administration, education, and training support to companies.

“By building an engagement tech platform and working with organisations to address business challenges, Almond has created a strong presence in India. Now, the timing couldn’t be better for their international expansion,” said Luis Rivera, Managing director, Hexa Global Ventures.


Almond Solutions to represent India at the Metaverse Summit in Paris

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], July 12 (ANI/SRV): Almond Solutions, one of India’s leading channel engagement and experiences platform companies has been invited (amongst a selected few from Asia) to the Metaverse Summit 22 in Paris, France to showcase its metaverse capabilities to investors, corporates, and meta-enthusiasts. The company will discuss and showcase glimpses of its B2B and sales channel-focused metaverse solutions.

Almond with its Virtex platform has been redefining virtual and digital experiences way before COVID struck and has been at the forefront of B2B mar-tech innovation. With its decade-long B2B engagements experience, Almond is focusing on business, commerce, and retail in the metaverse. Almond’s under-development IP – ChannelVerseTM is a metaverse for retail, sales and supply chain encompassing product education, loyalty, B2B influencer engagement and sales enablement.

Commenting on Almond’s projects and visit to the Metaverse Summit, Abhinav Jain and Apurv Modi, co-founders of Almond Solution jointly said – “The trip to France is an opportunity for us to tell the whole world that India will be at the forefront of biz and tech innovations in this decade. We will be in front of global investors, developers and creators and we want to tell them that metaverse is not just for fun, games, and marketing gimmicks. It’s a limitless business and commerce opportunity for both legacy and challenger players that can unlock revenue and engagement avenues. We are just scratching the surface and are excited to build the future”.

Almond Solutions launched its operations in the USA earlier this year and is in discussion with VCs for pre-series A round to accelerate its growth internationally.

International Summit celebrating Technology and Creativity around Metaverse is scheduled on 16-17th July in Paris, France. The two-day summit will focus on various metaverse tracks where Almond will be showcasing the creative, engagement and tech models powering ChannelVerseTM, and engaging investors and developers for partnerships.

Launched in 2020 with its headquarters in Delhi-NCR and operations in US, Africa and Europe, Almond Solutions helps companies power and scale their channel engagement. Brands and organizations use Almond’s platforms to – conduct hybrid and virtual events that deliver a highly differentiated experience, provide product education, and launch loyalty and rewards programs.